What is the StudioKids Art Program?

StudioKids Art is a program that provides the highest quality art and design classes for kids.  We believe that every child is creative and artistic in their own way.  Our goal is to bring out their talents and nurture their love for art with our different and fun classes that revolve around discovering, sharing, creating and laughter. 

After School Enrichment for your School.

We have the most creative and interesting after-school enrichment classes that there is to offer, hands down!  We work hard to research, design and create fun classes that will enhance any child’s art abilities as well as adding value to your own art program. We use the highest quality artists materials for our artists!

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Here is a list of some of our enrichment classes:

Leonardo’s Workshop                                        Kingdom Ahkenaten

Junior Architects                                                Puppets and Masks!

Fashion Passion                                                 Storybook Design

Design: Wham!                                                   Claymation   

Comics Crazy, Comics Jam                               City of the Future

Draw Comics like the Pros                                Cowboys, Cowgirls and the Wild West

Graphic Novels                                                   Funky Junk

Outdoor Art                                                        Creepy, Crawly, Crazy Collages

Set Design                                                          Mostly Murals

This is a partial list, please call/email us for more.


Our classes are all age-appropriate, made for kids 6-13.  Also ask about our Adult Ed and High School classes, workshops and field trips for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Girls Night Out.